June 2009

Amid all the number crunching in corporate finance and financial markets, happened to read this and liked it:

bg: Tom is an executive from France deputed to Delhi for six months to set up the MNCs Indian operations….

As darkness enveloped the neighbourhood surrounding his townhouse, Tom sat in his living room reflecting on his job. Outside, the night was filled with the sounds of barking dogs and the piercing whistles of the estate’s security patrol. “Each family here has its own security gaurd,” he explained. “But because gaurds fall asleep at their posts, our neighbourhood association hired a man who patrols the neighbourhood blowing his whistle at each gaurd post and waiting for a whistle in response.But now the whistling has gotten so bad that some families have begun paying this man not to whistle in front of their house. Incredible, isn’t it?”


Conscious of making full use of the breather between the two terms, even if it was just 1.5 days, I slept through most of the weekend, took my son for a horse-cart ride around the vastrapur lake. Bought some DVDs hoping to watch with wify and to write some movie reviews in the blog; instead watched India loose to the windies.

Suffering from ‘can’t stay away from mails for half a day’ syndrome, opened my mailbox on Saturday to find an invite for a weekend party with the EIRs. I decided to check out; Partly since, I found quite a few of the Re-search EIRs interesting and was confident about the same kind of caliber with iAccelerator EIRs. And also bcoz, I wanted to attend a party!

Well, it turned out to be quite interesting. I am only sad that I did not carry my camera. Otherwise, I intended to have one photo per blog entry. I didn’t expect the non-photo blog to appear this soon. Hmm… let’s not worry about frills alright!

Some of the profiles I met that night and what they are working on:

Freeman Murray, Founder of Upstart.in, a consultancy that assists technology start-ups. Freeman is a co-investor and is part of the Management Team of iAccelerator.

Ram, one of the EIRs and founder of Hashcube, an iaccelarator startup; HashCube has become one of the most successful companies to launch games for the recently opened up social networks of MySpace, Orkut and Friendster.

Vishal and Arpan; EIRs and founders of meraevent.com; Arpan and Vishal complement each other. Arpan is a complete techno-geek and a graphics designer. Vishal is the management guru.

Selvan and Sankar; EIRs working on an idea to build a statistical analysis tool for stock trading; Selvan says that he got fed up when his mutual fund firm kept loosing much more than what he did and that was the inciting incident for his discovery process. Since then he has worked on the algorithm and CIIE has put him in touch with Mr. Subinder Khurana, an IIMA alumni and CEO of MarketRx, a business analytics major now acquired by Cognizant technology solutions. He hopes to launch “bitstat” successfully by August 2009. Apparently, bitstat does a bit more than what transpired in our talk that night – check out http://www.bitstat.com/.

At last, my dream to have a blog of my own comes to life!

Why the name – pebbles and parables? As I go through life, I learn many small things. I view them as pebbles of wisdom – ones that are glistened by the gliding stream of learning. In a way, the aged pebbles facilitate smoother water flow. In a way, another person could view it as just a stone. It cud even be a fun-toy, a beautiful piece of art or a weapon. While some of my pebbles may indeed be stones, there are certainly few things which you and me and the world, at large, acknowledge as ‘right’ and them I name as ‘parables’.

I intend to write brief snippets, just like parables, that cud be pebbles of wisdom, fun, anger or indeed just a stone.

by the way, the photo in the header was taken in bushkill falls, pa by me.