Recently I was thinking about how to effectively sell transformation or big change. [This was from a PPT perspective but still this is a good approach, I thought].

There are three major aspects – one, be clear on what is the macro level objective – what are we after? Two, address customer’s major pain point or dream. Three, demystify change.

1. First, value must be simple to be understood.

2. Second, what does every CXO/function head dream of?

The most pertinent question is “How will my company/function mature with time?”

This is the reason why SEIs Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and Gartner’s Hype Curves are famous – they show how a phenomenon/company matures or transforms with time.

ð  Insight: With time as an axis show maturity progression & savings at each stage

3. Third, what will de-mystify change?

Big bang brings opacity and high risks;

Baby steps and phased approach de-risks change/transformation for customers & us equally.

ð  Insight: Sequence activities/changes;

What comes first, Why so?, How much savings, What is the stage-gate etc. Again in my opinion, sequencing is the reason why CMM was so successful: first repeatable process then defined process, then measureable processes are quantitatively managed – this gives a structure to how you are going to evolve in a continuum – to me this is critical in any change management process.

Ps: How an individual faces change and how an organization faces change are very different like B2C and B2B marketing. I once read this “Who moved my cheese?” book on managing change when me and my wife were grappling with a change. My initial reaction was: ok there is some truth but this is an idiot’s book – telling what is apparently clear! But as days passed I started thinking I am not all that one-dimensional when it comes to change – sometimes I even resisted change! [Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw are mice characters in the book. Sniff – foresees change; Scurry – adapts to change quickly; Hem – is lethargic in changing; Haw – totally resists change. This book is a great (and quick) read either as a professional or simply as an individual.]